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Honda CB750A 76-78 - Matic
Engine bolt kit

PN# GW P15-64-01
Allenhead Chrome Polished
knurl removed
does not include cylinder cover bolts

Honda CB750A motor bolt set - polished
PN# GW P15-64-01

Honda CB750 69-78
Cylinderhead bolt kit
PN# GW P15-22-01
Allenhead, Chrome Polished
knurl removed

Cylinder head hardware allenhead chrome polished with knurl removed
PN# GW P15-22-02

Honda CB750 69-78
Side Cover bolt kit
Left and right side
allenhead polished chrome
knurl removed

Honda CB750 right and left side cover bolt kit allenhead polished chrome with knurl removed
PN# GW P15-22-01

Axle Adjusters
application HD big twin 1936-1972 &
Cycle One V-Style axle plates


Axle Adjuster - C1 HD Vintage Axle Plates
PN# C1 101
Axle adjuster for the Cycle One HD vintage style axle plates

push style similar to above

Acorn Nut
PN# 21561
Chrome Acorn Nut
3/4 - 16

Gardiner Wescott Acorn Nut 3/4 - 16
PN# GW 21561

Chrome Acorn Fork Stem Nut
PN# CC 09652
Chrome acorn fork stem nut

1- 24 Chrome Acorn Fork Stem Nut
PN# CC 09652

Tripletree Hardware Kit
PN# CC 161011
Tripletree hardware kit, less bearings

Triple tree hardware kit less bearings
PN# CC 161011

Fork Stem Nut & Lock Washer Kit
PN# CC 5006002
Fork stem nut and lock washer kit

Fork Stem Chrome nut & Lockwasher kit
PN# CC 500602

Fork Stem Nut FL-FXWG-FXST
PN# CC 160017

Fork Stem Chrome Nut
PN# CC 160017

Various oil/fuel line fittings
available in numerous sizes and configurations. 
Just let us know what you need and we would be happy to supply you.

misc fittings
wide variety of fittings available

Chrome 1/8-27 NPT 90°
PN# TR 041051
Chrome 90° fitting
1/8-27 NPT

Chrome 90° fitting 1/8 - 27 NPT
PN# TR 041051

Chrome Oil Tank Fitting
PN# MU 85115
straight 1/8" npt to 3/8" od nipple

oil tank fitting chrome - straight 1/8" npt to 3/8" od nipple
PN# MU 85115

Chrome Oil Drain Plug
PN# MU 85013
hex head chrome 1/8-27 npt

oil drain plug chrome -- hex head chrome 1/8-27 npt
PN# MU 85013

Chrome 90° Oil/Fuel Fitting
PN# MU 85114
1/8" male mpt to 3/8" OD 90° hose

Chrome Oil/Fuel Line 90° Fitting - 1/8" male npt to 3/8" OD hose
PN# MU 85114

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