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Tools & Helpful Items

Clutch Lock Nut Tool and a Oil Filter Spanner Wrench
fits Honda's many requiring 20mm or 24mm
- 2 tools in one
- one side has a 20mm spanner and the opposite side has a 24mm spanner
- uses 1/2" ratchet drive extension
- made from heat treated steel with black oxide finish for extra durability

Honda 20mm/24mm clutch nut or oil filter spanner wrench
TR 152216

Carb Cleaning Wire Tool
PN# SIR 35-3498
A must have for carb cleaning with the little wires for all those tiny slow jet passages
Great for Honda, Kawasaki's, Suzuki's and Yamaha's

PN# Sir 35-3498

Professional Mechanic Quality InstrumentsSensitive aluminum probe with plastic ear pieces to help reduce outside noiseUsed to locate the source of unusual noises from engines, bearings and other moving partsCan also be useful in determining the exact part that is causing the problemThis tool can save valuable diagnostic time and repair costs by helping to quickly locate the source of the noise/problem    

Diagnostic Stethoscope
TR 151879

Spark Plug Wrench
PN# WP 60-2970
12mm Deep socket with swivel makes getting into those hard to reach places a breeze
A must have for fellows with 4 cylinder motors.


12mm deep spark plug wrench
PN# WPS 60-2970
12mm deep plug wrench
PN# WP 60-2970


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