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Mark's Kawasaki KZ1000

Kawasaki KZ1000
Kawasaki KZ1000 Custom Rigid
in the beginning

Kawasaki KZ1000
Kawasaki KZ1000 Custom Rigid
coming along nicely!

Kawasaki KZ 1000 Custom Rigid Chopper
a change of plans, lol

This is builder is having a great time with many different ideas, and all the various options he has with his frame.  As you can see some of the idea's have changed since the original plan.  As the bike is coming together, it has moved from the kitchen to living room, as it has been progressing, and is now 9 1/2 ft. long, lol.   Keep posted for more pics!
Frame specs:
8" Forward straight backbone
6" Up rolled curved downtube
38° rake
Big Twin neck
Standard rear
"add-ons" - rolled curved downtub - gooseneck