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 “Honda-Davidson Bobber” -  Honda CB750 DOHC

Honda CB750 DOHC Custom Rigid Chopper
A year ago it began

Honda CB750 DOHC Custom Rigid Chopper
squeezing in the motor

Honda CB750 DOHC Custom Rigid Chopper
faux oil bag & seat mount

Honda CB750 DOHC Custom Rigid Chopper
rear view, awaiting wiring

Honda CB750 DOHC Custom Rigid Chopper
Completed and riding!

Honda CB750 DOHC Custom Rigid Chopper
finished from the front

Honda CB750 DOHC Custom Rigid Chopper
nice side shot

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I guess you could call it the “Honda-Davidson Bobber” J since it is put together from left over Harley SuperGlide and Softtail parts with a DOHC Honda engine out of an ‘81 CB750C.It took a year, but here are the photos of the competed DOHC 750 Honda frame as promised. 
It took a year and rides pretty well due to the investment in an Exile Cycles seat piston/spring assembly.  Steering with the 30-degree rake is lightening quick - so much that I think I’ll have to put a steering dampener on her.  You will probably note that everything but the taillights (model T) and the engine (Honda) is Harley.  (All the electrics, levers, switches, tank, bars, front end, front and rear wheel, disc brakes, etc.)
You might also note that we made a dummy oil bag to hide the electrics and the battery under the seat.  The dummy horseshoe bag is made of two separate side pieces and each side is separately removable.  There is a T-shaped piece welded along the font of the seat down tube to hold the front of the dummy side piece (the front of the pieces slip into the slot formed by the T and the down tube), the rear end of the side pieces bolt to the frame tubes on some tabs we added.  The ignition is mounted out of sight under the battery box.
She is running and on her own two feet.  J  The frame is great.
Another Happening Honda on the road again! A great job, some neat ideas, and thanks for sharing the pics and info!
Frame Specs:
4" forward - straight backbone
2" up - dual straight downtubes
30° rake
big twin 1" neck
standard rear
custom neck gusset
ps- love the color contrast!