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Hardtail Conversion Information Honda CB750 DOHC 

Honda CB750 DOHC 79-82 -- options available see custom add-ons
Honda CB750 SC DOHC 82-85 
Check out the Honda Hardtail Gallery for many more examples and pictures

Honda CB750 DOHC 79-82 Hardtail section
Honda CB750 79-82 Hardtail section installed
Honda CB750 DOHC 79-82 Hardtail section installed

The Honda CB750 DOHC hard tail section is about as easy as they come!  The standard model includes a 5" ride height and incorporates a 2" rear stretch.  There are options available for axle plates/blocks along with additional stretches.  For options please see the custom add-ons page located in the frames section of the website.  The Cycle One hard tail for the Honda CB750 DOHC still allows the removal of the engine cradle side section for ease of access if motor work required, just like the factory intended!
It doesn't get any easier then this! 

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