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Honda CB750 Santee Swingarm Style Frame

Rolly's Santee Swingarm Style Frame

Santee Swingarm CB750 Custom Frame
Santee Swingarm CB750 Custom Frame

This was a pet project Red did for a customer and friend who has dealt with Cycle One since back in the 70's in Winnipeg, lol.
The customer is a talented painter and very busy at his shop. He has been working away on this build when he has a spare moment for the past year.
Only about 20 hours away from final mock up and I can't wait to see the finished results.
There was a great deal of custom fabrication with this one, swingarm fabrication etc.
I am hoping we will get a little write up along with the next batch of pictures.
Thanks for sharing and we look forward to more pics anytime!

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