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Battery - Maintenance & Accessories

Battery Maintenance

Battery Overflow Catch Tank
PN# TR 061007 - MP 11-0007
suggested retail 6.95


Battery overflow catch tank - MP 11-0007
PN# TR 061007

LED Battery Gauge By Kuryakyn
PN# TR 49-7898
An array of LED's indicating the operating voltage of the bike's electrical system
Green LED's indicate normal operating range
Amber LED's warn the rider that the bike is not charging
If the reading drops below 10V or exceeds 15v a flashing red LED will alert the rider
Simple 2 wire connection
Compact size 2"x3/4"x3/16"
Daylight sensor automatically adjusts brightness of LED's
Chrome finish
suggested retail 44.99


Kuryakyn LED Battery Gauge
PN# TR 497896

Battery Tester made by Xtreme
PN# TR 150922 
12V batteries & alternators, fast, safe and simple to use. Displays open circuit voltage with a % of charge LED. Remote battery testing capability with probes designed to with leave on charging cable set. Displays normal or over-voltage alternator output with a good or bad LED. Removable NEG probe tip for direct battery terminal testing.
suggested retail 12.95


xtreme Battery Tester 100X822
PN# TR 150922

Yuasa Battery Charger/Maintainer for 12 V
PN# MU 10519
3 stage charge
2 yr warranty
Can be used on conventional lead-acid or maintenance free batteries
Output wire features a quick disconnect coupling for the permanent mount
onboard battery connector or the alligator clip type for shop use
suggested retail 39.99


Yuasa Charger/Maintainer
PN# MU 10519

Battery Tray
used with many metric models
16 gauge steel, raw finish fits 12N9
PN# C1 batttrsm

Small 35.00/ea.

PN# C1 battraysm

Battery Strap
2 piece black rubber
for Cycle One trays &
HD Softail 93-99
PN# MU 10204
Reg.  7.49

$ 6.50/ea.

2 piece battery strap
PN# MU 10204

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